...maybe for the same reasons Time Magazine listed La Paz among it's list of the "World's Greatest Places in 2021"...

First of all, La Paz is something of a mystery to many people...a big town that feels like a small town. La Paz is both the capital of the state of Baja California Sur (which means great hospitals, government services, and an economy that doesn't depend solely on "fleecing" gringos) as well as being a smaller town that boasts wide open secluded beaches, local fresh markets, and a culture of small town friendliness. Oh, and the delicious drinks are pretty affordable, too :)

A local amber craft beer on the malecon at Harker Board Co.

According to Time Magazine's "World's Greatest Places 2021":

The Mexican seaside city of La Paz is two hours north of the popular Cabo San Lucas and its busy resorts, but with its laid-back vibe, it might as well be a world away. Visitors can take a relaxed stroll on the malecón, a three-mile-long pedestrian walkway right along the Sea of Cortez, lined with ocean-inspired sculptures and open-air cafés. The newly opened Baja Club Hotel, by boutique Mexico City developer Grupo Habita, occupies a colonial-era former private mansion. Epic marine-life encounters are the main draw to La Paz and its surrounds—these are the waters Jacques Cousteau referred to as “the world’s aquarium”—and there are plenty of boat excursions to choose from. On uninhabited Espíritu Santo Island, just offshore, the glorious Camp Cecil de la Isla has luxe canvas tents with a canopy of stars overhead. With new American Airlines direct flights from Dallas and Phoenix, La Paz is primed to welcome many more guests this year. —Terry Ward

Many people are moving to smaller cities right now... some simply seek the simplicities that small towns offer, others want to embrace the beauty of the local La Paz culture, free of huge all inclusive resorts - but still have access to great health care, shopping, and restaurants. Living in La Paz you can have the best of both worlds. While there are plenty of modern conveniences and attractions to enjoy, there is also less noise and commotion on the streets. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez, "The world's aquarium" for good reason...the sea is full of life here, with sightings of sea turtles, sea lions, whale sharks and more happening daily. One of my favorite things is to walk on the beach in the morning with my parents and their dogs - healthy for my (and their) bodies AND spirit.

A friendly grey whale waving at us.

La Posada Beach...right downtown, at 6am as the sun comes up over La Paz.

Luki anxiously waiting for me to throw the ball, 6:45am La Posada beach walk.

La Paz boasts the perfect balance between the anonymity of city life and that small-town friendliness. Larger cities can lack a sense of community, but that simply isn't the case in this gorgeous town - I have felt embraced by both the locals and the expat community. A sense of community is more essential to our overall happiness than many may realize...though the last 18 months has proven to many of us the benefits of being social and feeling supported by our community.

Does it look like we were having a good time?

Between rent and food costs, living in a major city can be expensive. One benefit of small-city life is the opportunity to save money. Property, food, and clothing costs are all lower, which makes it easier to save more from each paycheck. However, small cities still offer lots of activities to explore. I can go downtown on the weekends and get the city feeling without paying big city prices for my Happy Hour cocktail, or shop at Walmart, an authorized Apple retailer, or a high-end clothing boutique.

And, of course, better prices for nicer homes - house prices are lower, property taxes are lower, building costs and maintenance are lower...consider this developing community and ask yourself, "Where can I find a 1/3 acre lot in a gated community, with views of the Sea of Cortez and a BRAND NEW 3 bedroom home with a pool for around $330k?" (there are a number of home designs to choose from...but the lots are going quickly, so ACT NOW):

Studies show that people who live in small cities are happier than those who live in larger ones. In fact, happiness seems to increase as population size declines.

Moving anywhere is an adjustment, but relocating to a small city is much easier. Most small cities still offer plenty of amenities and activities. People can enjoy a lower cost of living and more opportunities to connect with their community. So if you’re looking to move, choose a small city. Choose La Paz and give me a call...and be as happy as this dog:

A local enjoying the beach.

I moved here. You can too.

In your corner,


  • Ian Wilson

You might not notice it if you pass through briefly, and you certainly won’t see it if you simply research online but, spend a long weekend in this seaside, Baja California city, and you’ll see - there’s a lot to like.

On the southern half of the Baja California Peninsula, discover an often-wild desert landscape contrasted against brilliant blue waters teeming with life. Along the east coast, the Sea of Cortez—dubbed “the world’s aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau— presents underwater adventures from snorkeling with the ocean’s largest fish to diving along a rejuvenated reef, an environmental success story. When you come up for air, take in sublime sunsets, taste traditional flavors at a taqueria, and track down hidden hot springs.

I once heard a quote when traveling through Rome, Italy: "On any street corner, you can trip over a history lesson." - great quote! When in La Paz, i'd adapt it to: "On any day, you can discover a new adventure." There is an abundance of engaging activities in La Paz to explore...for anyone.

Balandra Beach - just 15 minutes from downtown La Paz

If you are visiting Baja Sur during the next weeks or so we highly recommend you rent a car and take a tour of the Baja Sur Loop. In a quick day trip or a leisurely two day tour you can see the various wonders the tip of the peninsula has to offer. From Todos Santos on the Pacific to La Paz, El Triunfo, San Bartolo and Los Barriles, you can enjoy the beautiful and diverse rural environment this unique region has to offer. The diving, fishing , kayaking and boating are the best at this time of year due to the predominantly calm seas and clear, warm water.

Outstanding views? Check!

Close to downtown, restaurants, boardwalk? Check!

Located in the Colina del Sol area of La Paz, this hillside building boasts extraordinary views of the Sea of Cortez, is walking distance to the world-famous malecon, restaurants, and shopping...and is in the best area in town to attract rental clients. This 22-unit project is under construction, and is the perfect opportunity to get a brand-new home with access to the best of the La Paz lifestyle. VISTA MARINA combines the best views of the bay of La Paz, the greatest capital gain in investment, is in one of the quietest areas of La Paz and... is located just a few blocks from downtown and the Malecon. Enjoy the amenities of the common area pool on the first floor with sunbathing area and the rooftop fitness center.

2 bedroom / 3 bedroom / 3 bedroom penthouses

available starting at $178,500 usd

When only the BEST will do...

Casa Carmen is a spectacular luxury residence in the exclusive Pedregal de La Paz gated community. This home features world class views, touches and amenities rivaled only by the best of Los Cabos. With Casa Carmen, every room in the house comes with an amazing ocean view. The entrance greets you with beautiful oversized marble flooring, a spiral staircase and two story windows overlooking the ocean. The Master Suite is an extraordinary design with a large terrace, sliding pocket doors and Spa//Bathroom area fit for royalty. Even the two guest bedrooms are fit for a king. The Great Room features an entertainment system with top notch house wide sound and the exquisite kitchen comes fully loaded. Then finish your days with a bottle of wine, sunset, pool and outdoor BBQ area!

Offered at $3,500,000 usd

Ready to visit? Give me a call.





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  • Ian Wilson

For 25 years, my career was luxury sales, marketing, and promotion with multiple billion dollar cruise lines. Because of this, I had the opportunity to travel extensively for work, especially to the regions of the world where cruising is common. If you’d asked me 10 years ago where I’d like to live in Mexico, I’d have answered quickly: “Playa del Carmen or Cozumel”. Both of these great spots boast an amazing culture, a growing economy, and a friendly expat environment. I was also very familiar with both towns, having visited both many times. Both seem to have a great balance of having all the amenities and conveniences that one could hope for, while still not feeling overwhelmed with traffic and tourism...like Cancun, for example.

When I finally got the chance to visit La Paz and stay for a week, I realized almost immediately that I was falling head over heels in love with the city. Like Playa del Carmen or Cozumel, La Paz has everything you’d want, and (for me), very little I didn’t. When I decided to stay for longer to really get to know the area, I rented a small one bedroom apartment within a 10 minute walk of the malecon and downtown...walking distance to both the water and restaurants. The cost? At the current exchange, I was paying about $410 per month...which included all utilities except the electricity bill - even high speed internet! And the electricity bill? I was billed every 6 weeks and often the bill was less than $40.

I also love to cook, and wanted to make sure that I could get fresh produce and good ingredients...and I was very pleasantly surprised. Within a 5 minute walk of my apartment I found a Fruteria (produce market) that sold organic fresh vegetables. Did they always have everything I needed? No...but they always had most of what I was looking for, it was always beautifully fresh and mostly organic, and filling my fridge with fresh produce usually cost less than $15. FILLING my fridge with fresh produce for less than $15?! Let that sink in for a second as you drive away from your grocery store at home. I probably cook less than I should here, actually...because when you can walk to your favorite local taco place and eat 4 of the best tacos with you’ve ever had (my preference is “arrachera” which is sliced and marinated skirt steak...with all the fresh condiments you could hope for) for about $5...it’s very tempting! When initially staying in La Paz, it was important for me to keep working. And as it turned out, that wasn’t an issue. Internet is inexpensive and fast (depending on your area), and phone service is good. I actually still have my U.S. cell phone number because I haven’t found a reason to change it yet...though if I did, my bill would go down by at least 30%, and I’d still have as good (possibly better) connection. Finally, the day I decided to take a tour to swim with whale sharks was the final puzzle piece that brought me to decide to stay in La Paz permanently.

The guide on the boat was a local marine biologist who spoke excellent English and was amazingly interesting. He was really great with the people who were a little apprehensive about getting into the water with the gentle giants (one was 28ft long, after all...and a shark), and he ensured that everyone had both an exciting and educational day. That experience was extraordinary. Mind-blowing. After the tour, still buzzing with excitement from the experience, I decided to try a recommended burger joint. The burgers were cooked on a grill playfully housed in the front end of an old pick-up truck which was fun, and the servers were attentive, friendly, and playful.

And, lest I forget: the burger was delicious...one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten. After lunch, I was driving back to my apartment and got a flat tire. I wasn’t familiar with who to call, or what to do in that circumstance. I can change my own tire, but I was on a small street with nowhere to pull over to get out of the way of traffic...and I didn’t want to drive far on a flat. Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cars full of locals stopped immediately, helped me push my car out of the way, and helped me change the tire. Nothing was expected in return, everyone was helping to HELP. How great is that? I did give a couple of men who helped through the whole process a 50 pesos each as a thank you, but it wasn’t asked for or expected.

That was the day. Whale sharks, a world-class hamburger, and the realization that I loved the local people and culture. That was it. I was in love with La Paz. When you come here, I hope that you have the same sense of warmth that I have experienced. Here’s the best part: the longer you stay and the more people you connect with, the stronger that sense of community and warmth becomes. I urge you to make friends with locals no matter where you decide to visit or settle...you’ll find it incredibly rewarding.

I moved here...and you can, too. Let me help.



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